What is veteran Political Action Committee all about?

There are some committees in US which are dedicated in getting the veterans elected in government organizations. ‘Citizens for Veterans in Government’ is one such Political Action Committee and is federally registered. This organization came into existence in November, 2013 and Steven Raiser is the founder and president of it. An Iraq combat veteran, Steven Raiser was in service from 2005 till 2011 when he was discharged with honor. The advisory board of this organization consists of both veterans along with civilians who are focused on solving veterans’ issues. This organization helps veterans getting elected in different levels of the government. for further details, visit :http://www.va.gov/

But the question is why do we need veterans in government? The answer lies in the skills that these veterans posses. The leadership of a veteran can help a long way in governing. No one else can understand a veteran better than another fellow veteran. So to make sure that a veteran is treated fairly and equally once he/she is back from the service, a veteran in the government can be the best person to handle such situations. The trainings and the experience that a veteran receives give a unique and new perspective. A veteran very well knows the importance of a strong military and at the same time is also aware of the true costs involved in a war. click here for more information.

What is veteran Political Action Committee all about

A veteran is rarely interested in making money and being in service is on top in the priority list. It is also observed that some veterans are fond of french bulldogs.The financial support that any individual requires in order to run a campaign effectively even on a small scale is great. This makes a veteran to continue the public service very difficult. This is where veteran Political Action Committee comes into picture. They help in bridging the gap and support the veteran with the initial money required to run a campaign.

Almost all candidates supported by any veteran Political Action Committee is a veteran. They consider certain criteria before finalizing on any candidate. The funds that these committees receive are limited and hence they make sure that they use it in the best possible manner.  Commitment is the first thing that these organizations look into a candidate. If a veteran wished to run for an office then he must have shown the required level of commitment in order to make it through the campaign. It is a must for a candidate to indulge in a fair campaign. There is no favor to any party and a candidate fulfilling the criteria will be considered for further steps irrespective of any party he/she belongs to.

The budget assigned to the veteran’s campaign is not much. Being a not or profit organization, these committees depend completely on the money from donors. The money received is then divided into different segments such as postage or advertising or stationary. The money left after all these overheads is then kept aside for running the campaign. You can get a lot of information regarding such veteran political action committee over internet.